Monday, May 18, 2015

Dueling Tractors

Don stopped by for a chat with Really REALLY Big, um, Dirty Yellow.
Big Orange wasn't backing down.  He's got teeth


Lane Forest delivered us mega yards (about 30) of hemlock bark mulch the other day.  We needed to refresh most all the previously mulched areas and do the new area around the spa.  It's been a job, getting that spread around but not only does it look fab, the smell is divine
 The photog could have done a better cropping job but she didn't

Fascinating Dragonfly

Showed up the other day, about midday.  I wasn't sure what the heck it was until I realized it was a dragonfly with extra eyeballs on the back of his eyeballs, transparent, striped wings and racing stripes on his sides

More Bloomin' Bloomers

A few more for your enjoyment
 Absolutely STUNNING new rhodie
 I call this one my BC (Breast Cancer) Bed, as not by design, all the flowers in it are some shade of pink.  So, to honour those pals of mine who are survivors and those who have passed, this bed's for you
 'Half Pint' (aka 'Tom Thumb') peas are a poppin'
'Savoy Hotel'.  If there is a more perfect pure pink rose in existence, I do not know it. Huge, perfectly formed, tough as nails and fragrant as a perfume shop, so many blooms you will cut bouquets for miles

Showing Off My Bloomers

No, you would NOT want to see THOSE bloomers.  You really wouldn't
'The Impressionist' climbing shrub rose, 'Night N Day' snaps and dazzling iris grouped together like I knew and planned that colour combo like a pro
 The latest from Blue J iris to bloom.  Have a short list of possibles, will go look it up and name it when I find it
 I was just so tickled how this came out!
 'The Impressionist'

 I think this is 'Tiger Honey'

 Freshly mulched and bloomin' fab

 Big, blue and beautiful!
 Another Blue J bloomer that needs ID
 A fab snap.  Might be 'Oriental Lantern'

A gift from Bonnie, a historic iris from 1918 'Sindjkha'

Monday, May 11, 2015


I really, REALLY need help

How to Plant a Huge Rhodie

 First, you need a willing hubby, a shovel and a mostly dead starter rhodie
 Tractors come in handy as well

 Except when they dump the monster into the hole cockeyed

 Enlist the help of a big strap and the camera lady to right the beast
 Add dirt and water...
...and whatever you do, don't wake the supervisors up

Ready to Rhodie

It's all Jan's fault, as usual.  She found the ad on craigslist for the rhodie wholesale nursery offering a one day sale to the general public.  And, having the dually, I was a necessary part of that sale.  Off we went bright and early Saturday morning.  She bought a half dozen little ones; I ended up with the one that took two strapping young men and a tractor to get into the bed of the truck

Sky Watching

More Candy

 'Vavoom' tree rose from Heirloom Roses in St. Paul, Oregon
 'Chihuly' tree rose, named after the famous glass artist Dale Chihuly of Seattle
 'Savoy Hotel', super fragrant and gorgeous, today in the rain (above) and yesterday in the sun (below)

 Another gift iris from Bonnie.  She certainly knows my taste in iris!

The Candy Store

Because that's exactly what it looks like, for those of you who may remember the old F Street Candy Shop, found in malls all over.  It's like that

 Iris 'Rare Treat' and verbascum 'Southern Charm'
 This might be 'Lights Camera Action' but if it is, I wonder why it's where it is?
 A peachy iris, 'Supreme Sultan' velvety maroon and buff, and an orange charmer I don't know the name of
 'Rock Star', rockin' on
 'Harison's Yellow' heirloom rose
 Eccremocarpus scaber 'Pink Lemonade'.  If you love unique, easy climbers that attract hummers, this is for you.  See it where I got it,
 Stock, stock and more stock

 Gem has decided this is her new job, posing for pictures with the three roses along the dairy barn garage wall
This just looked like a painting