Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Winter's Last (?) Hurrah

Once again in the 'better never than THIS late' category, winter slaps the Northwest with an 'eventful' day of, well, weather.
Snow, sleet, downpours, hail, sunshine, tornados - wait, what?  TORNADOS??  Took out several cars down at Lane Community College yesterday afternoon, and Dale and I saw a descending funnel cloud across the valley earlier that might have touched down somewhere out east of us.  Our terrain is not tornado friendly, but there was a list in the Register-Guard this morning of all the ones that have hit Lane county (we're north of Lane, in Benton county) over the years.  Mostly F0, with a few F1's in there.  Several years ago an F2-3 hit Aumsville, SE of Salem.
And, now we're being told that this weekend could see temps in the 70's.  Our average high for this time of year just hit 60.  I'm still holding the tomatoes in the greenhouse on the heat.  I know how this works.  72 on Sunday, and 34 Monday morning.
 About the same yesterday morning as this morning.  Difference is barometer yesterday morn was 29.56
 Such a rare sight this year, Green Peak just to our west, with actual snow on it
To the east across the Willamette Valley, the Coburg Hills and the Hayworth Gap with snow fields.  Big storm cell headed north up the valley had just dumped all over us

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