Sunday, April 26, 2015

Girl's Day Out, Spring 2015

I think my buddy Carla and I are going to make a tradition of doing this.  Start in the spring, hit summer, fall and winter.  This one started in Yachats (pronounced, believe it or not, 'YAH hots') at the Adobe Inn, our fave eatery on the coast.  From that fab breakfast, we moseyed down the coast to Florence, where we hit Old Town for some leisurely drooling and shopping and ice cream at the legendary BJ's.  Back up to Newport and a couple of pounds of salt water taffy for Dale (no, really), a stop at a local glassblowers and a nice, almost uneventful trip back home along the ultra scenic Highway 20.  At one point, Carla's phone kept ringing so we decided she better stop and see if it was some sort of emergency, because Carla is a good, solid driver and will not drive while on her phone.  Which made the wonderful lady Oregon State Police trooper who pulled up behind us in the turnout very, VERY happy.  She was just checking to make sure we were okay, but it was still kinda funny to hear Carla tell her daughter she had to go as a trooper was pulling up behind us.  You kinda had to be there.
I'm already mulling over possible locations for our Summer Girl's Day Outing.  I'm thinkin' of waiting for my SoCal buddy Shelly's annual visit....
 All About Olives in Florence's Old Town.  If you can think of a way to use olives and vinegar they might not have, go for it.  Bet they have 
Our window seat for breakfast at The Adobe.  The sea was a tad angry this day

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