Thursday, April 30, 2015

Flora Flora Flora!!

Brace yourself.  As my pal Michelle says, Blog Burst ahead!
If you're not into flowers and garden stuff, go ahead and skip this one.  It's okay.  I don't mind at all

 Thyme and lavender pair beautifully
 This looked a lot better in real life.  I'll bet there's another shot like this in this post somewhere
 This is a cool little annual that I cannot remember the name of.  It reseeded itself and I'm very happy about that
 Cistus (Rockrose).  A staple of impossible strips of land in Southern California.  Likes it pretty well up here, to a point.  This is the last remaining one of the original 4 I planted 9 years ago

 Alpine strawberry 'Alexandria'.  Survives like a champ, tastes heavenly, disdains attention
 I started this last summer, left it out all winter (not that we HAD a winter, but it was in the 20's for a few days)

 Japanese maple with two baby hostas sharing the pot
 My succulent nursery.  I plop bits of them here, and transplant them when they are big enough.  These guys are big enough
 Matthiola (stock).  Divinely scented and beautiful

 Gizmo and Ho Dog's rhodie.  Normally, it's reached it's peak of bloom on Ho's birthday, May 17th.  Lately, it's been done by then
 Adorable little Lewisia
 Rare and gorgeous primula aureolis
 Pansy party in a pot.  Didn't even know they were there
 The big red paeony under the ancient lilac.  Love those tight buds that look like 50's helmet hair on women

 The dogwood we lost to the snowstorm several years ago came back from the stump and I've been training it as a multi trunked specimen.  It rewarded me by blooming for the first time this spring
Knew there'd be another shot of this in here somewhere!

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