Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ersatz Plant Carousel

So, my buddy Carla got me hooked on Pinterest, which if it isn't the greatest time-sucker on the Internet, it can't be too far back in the pack.  And, that got me all fired up to repurpose some stuff for the garden.  Like this old, beater plant caddy that is not only rusting out, but the casters have long since froze up.  There had to be a use for it.  My first thought was to pull the casters off and hang it on the dairy barn garage wall with clay pots of succulents in it.  Except them casters aren't coming off without help from a cutting torch.  So, while I was digging around in the old red barn, I found the old, ugly light globe.  And, literally, the light bulb went off above my head.  I grabbed some plastic pots, figured out what size would fit, then found a set of square ones that would also fit, dropped some river rock in the bottom of the globe, and I now have a plant carousel.  Once the succulents are running strong and cover up the plastic pots, it should look pretty cool

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