Thursday, April 30, 2015

Early Bird Roses

 'Complicata'.  The very first and thus far only bloom, and I could smell it from the greenhouse (which is why I went looking for it)
 'Michelle du Pre' showing her warm weather colouring
 This is a rose with a history.  I believe it to be 'Harrison's Yellow', a rose that many pioneer families brought west with them on the Oregon Trail.  This one was one of many planted on the banks of Oliver Creek, on the original property line of the ranch, probably when the original donation land claimant staked out the property lines back around the 1840's.  Don rescued a few of them when the owner in the 1970's was ripping them out, and two years ago gave me the last remaining survivor.  This is that plant
Cricket poses with 'Alchymist'

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