Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Garden Marches On

Skip this one if gardening bores you to tears, because it's all about the garden, baby.
Monday was the absolute, picture perfect day to be spent in the garden.  After a weekend of strong storms that dumped almost 2" of rain all over it, the sun came out nicely to play, it topped out at 55 degrees with a light breeze - and the bloody mice had eaten most of my seedlings in the dairy barn garage.  Time to get the 2015 garden party started at the ranch.
First up was getting the greenhouse cleaned out enough to move the newly reseeded flats and heat mats out to it.  That done, the time had come to move the strong growing cabbage and cauliflower into their beds.  And the final touch was to install the Hoke fencing around the garden.  Yep, Sybil can clear it with ease, but it's Hoke that causes the most damage and he can't clear it any more.
The postscript to the day was enjoying a few glasses of Pfieffer Chardonnay on the bench with Dale and the hounds while watching the hummers attack the new feeder 
 Two beds of cabbage and cauliflower.  Broccoli would have joined them but the mice took care of them first.  The light coloured stuff in between the beds is what happens when your heating pellets get wet in the bag - they become a very fine mulch
 No, I'm not experimenting with the green mulch.  Last year's is on the top bed, and what's left is on the bottom one.  Wasn't quite big enough to cover the whole bed, so yeah, maybe I am experimenting.  That's right, that's what I'm doing.  Not being lazy and too cheap to go get more, experimenting

 Anti-Hoke fencing in place
 Flats on the heat in the greenhouse

 This is interesting.  'Purple Peacock' broccoli that seeded itself into the raspberry bed last year, never got watered, survived our 3 days of winter and is now almost ready to harvest the first heads
 At the end of a long, productive day of gardening, we now have our little arbour and bench area to relax and enjoy looking over the fruits of our labours.  Sybil guards the wine
And when the bottle is done, it makes a dandy daffodil vase

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