Friday, March 20, 2015

Lilly's First Day

Lilly's first day was a busy one, socially speaking.  All the momma cows had to examine her to make sure they were okay with their kids playing with her.  Cy appointed himself her protector, and Cassie was relieved to finally have reinforcement against the boys.  Gerry was a total gentleman, introducing himself politely.  And there were laps to be run around momma Nellie, head butts from Aunt Millie, and the obligatory check to see if any of the other walking faucets would accept her.  They would not, of course, but a calf has to try

 Guess who DIDN'T get daddy Roar's tiny ears?
 Nice, long, strong topline with good heart girth

 Then there is the 'Downward Calf' cowga pose
 OMG!!!  What IS that thing??? (hint - it's a hen and you better not mess with her)

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