Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's a Girl!

Apologies for all the pictures you are about to see.  It was a perfect day to take pictures, so I sat on the grass in the pasture and let the camera have at it.
Nellie, Millie's older sister, did good.  She picked a gorgeous day, waited until noon, dropped Lilly without a fuss and got on with being her usual good momma self.
Millie's 6 week old son, Cy, just had to go see his new cousin.  He took some good knocks from momma Nellie; being blood kin means nothing to a good momma cow but Cy, being a guy calf, didn't much heed her warning shots.  Nellie eventually decided he didn't mean any harm to her new baby girl, and tolerated him, mostly, being close up and personal.
Lilly is gonna be a fine heifer.  With a super birthweight of 62# and Roar as her daddy, this girl is gonna make someone a very fine herd cow!
The pix are at about 3 hours old.  Don't forget to click the first one for the slideshow!

 Synchronized posing

 Cy goes into showoff Club Calf pose

 I didn't think much of this shot, other than Cy's tail was a crackup

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