Monday, March 30, 2015

Tulip Time

I do love odd and species tulips.  Far more interesting, usually hardier and reliable repeaters year after year.
Of course, for sheer volume and size, you can't beat a good Darwin tulip. And once they 'wear out', you can get the latest and greatest to replace them.
If only the gophers didn't treat them like candy.....
Above and below, Tulipa cluisiana 'Lady Jane' 

 Just too cute and sweetly scented as well, Tulipa 'Little Beauty'
 Paeony flowered tulip 'Monsella'
 Darwin hybrid 'Beauty of Spring' showing the black centre and yellow flamed exterior

Tulipa cluisiana 'Claus Tubergen's Gem'

Fine as a Frog

This little fellow comes out every day to sun himself for a bit on one of the benches on the deck.  Then, he goes wherever he goes and hopefully eat a lot of bugs (but only the bad ones).
I've named him Herman.  He just strikes me as a Herman

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lilly in the Grass

I think we are going with 'Chaos' for her registered name.  Lilly at a week old is already the instigator of all calf craziness.  She takes her running seriously, egging the other three calves into massive games of chase involving the entire 40 acre north pasture and every obstacle in it, especially momma cows trying to eat in peace

They Call Him Freight Train

9 year old Roar, aka The Freight Train, enjoys a leisurely breakfast on a rainy spring morning.
Don't forget to click the pix.  You may need two monitors to get all of him

Splash and Dash

There is nothing more beautiful than the aftermath of spring splash and dash morning showers.  As Shelly would say, the light is just magical up here.  So much so the camera simply cannot capture it.  At least, not mine with me at the controls

Orange Rush

This guy was something else.  Dive bombing me, the dogs, and every other hummer around.  At one point yesterday evening, there were at least 7 different hummers fighting for the feeders in a spectacular aerial battle for supremacy

Oreo Cow

Don't ask me how she did it.  Nellie does what Nellie does

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Freckle Faced and Fragrant

Coolest violet EVER!  I love this little monster for its hardiness, its ability to spread (which is why it's in a big pot), its fragrance and of course, its looks

Land Snake's Alive!

An extraordinary sighting from Saturday afternoon - a real, live land snake emerged from hibernation!

 Look!!  Actual bug splats!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Sprung a Leak

The race was on.  I could see the rain moving over the top of Green Peak, so I pushed the 9 year old Cub Cadet riding mower for all she was worth.  I had the two big but easy sections of lawn done, had 2/3 of the 2 smaller and fairly easy sections done, but still had the small but complicated section to go and the raindrops were starting to slap me in the face.  In the end, I ended up soaked but the lawns got done just as the worst of it hit.
Spring has sprung in the Pacific Northwest

Cassie and Gerry at 5 Weeks

The Dynamic Dun Duo on Dawn Patrol
 Gerry (DOB 15 Feb) and Cassie (DOB 11 Feb)

Lilly's First Day

Lilly's first day was a busy one, socially speaking.  All the momma cows had to examine her to make sure they were okay with their kids playing with her.  Cy appointed himself her protector, and Cassie was relieved to finally have reinforcement against the boys.  Gerry was a total gentleman, introducing himself politely.  And there were laps to be run around momma Nellie, head butts from Aunt Millie, and the obligatory check to see if any of the other walking faucets would accept her.  They would not, of course, but a calf has to try

 Guess who DIDN'T get daddy Roar's tiny ears?
 Nice, long, strong topline with good heart girth

 Then there is the 'Downward Calf' cowga pose
 OMG!!!  What IS that thing??? (hint - it's a hen and you better not mess with her)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's a Girl!

Apologies for all the pictures you are about to see.  It was a perfect day to take pictures, so I sat on the grass in the pasture and let the camera have at it.
Nellie, Millie's older sister, did good.  She picked a gorgeous day, waited until noon, dropped Lilly without a fuss and got on with being her usual good momma self.
Millie's 6 week old son, Cy, just had to go see his new cousin.  He took some good knocks from momma Nellie; being blood kin means nothing to a good momma cow but Cy, being a guy calf, didn't much heed her warning shots.  Nellie eventually decided he didn't mean any harm to her new baby girl, and tolerated him, mostly, being close up and personal.
Lilly is gonna be a fine heifer.  With a super birthweight of 62# and Roar as her daddy, this girl is gonna make someone a very fine herd cow!
The pix are at about 3 hours old.  Don't forget to click the first one for the slideshow!

 Synchronized posing

 Cy goes into showoff Club Calf pose

 I didn't think much of this shot, other than Cy's tail was a crackup