Saturday, February 28, 2015

Weaning Day

The time had come.  The two Navajo-Churro X Katahdadorpadoviot lambs were almost the size of their mommas, and Twyla, the elder stateswoman, didn't really need Char and Cassie flipping her on her back when they nursed anymore.  So, it was a fun filled morning for Dale and I.  The adults all needed foot trims, everybody got wormed, and Ginger's two boys Chuckie and Chester needed to be wethered.  We got the mommas and Pogo done first, then Cricket and I moved them down to the south pasture for weaning.  We didn't wean Ginger's boys yet as they are still just a bit too young, plus the newly weaned lambs would benefit from an ewe being around for a bit.  Cricket had her paws full, as those momma did NOT want to leave the big silver barn, but with me running for the gates, she got them into the working arena and then out into the south pasture.
Then it was time to worm and band the little ones.  Obama leaves for his new home tomorrow but he's going there as a ram, so thankfully I didn't have to do him.  Chester found that if he sucked those buggers up inside, I had a hard time getting ahold of them, but finally they were on the right side of the Cheerio (rubber bands that look like green Cheerios) and it was done.
The 4 weanlings will stay in the barn tonite until Obama leaves tomorrow, then the noise fest will begin in earnest!
 The whole gang, awaiting their fates
The four weanlings

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