Friday, February 20, 2015

The Gardener Prepares

My garden buddy Jan came by yesterday.  We both commiserated with each other about how far behind we were this year.  She lost her greenhouse to the January storm; mine is just packed with pots and no starts, not yet.  My potting bench that Dale built for me in the dairy barn garage is home to everything BUT seeded flats on heat mats at the moment, and I honestly don't have a good enough excuse to post here.  But I did manage to get the main garden sprayed for weeds and to try and get the hollyhocks under control this year, same as I say every year.  But this year, maybe it'll work.  They seem to think Roundup is fertilizer.
We did get the second antique bench finished and have already been enjoying them.  I think I will enjoy them more when I actually do something gardenish first

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