Friday, February 13, 2015


For those who don't understand the fascination with cows, a festival of sheep shots for your viewing pleasure
 Willa and momma Kayla.  Willa is 2 months old and 2/3 the size of her momma, who isn't small for a Navajo-Churro
 With den mother Pogo (black legs, no relation)
 Willa, Pogo and momma Kayla
 Dovie and son Obama.  When these guys go down for a nap, they go down HARD
 Cassie, momma Twyla, sister Charlotte, cousins Chester and Chuckie, Twyla's daughter and the boy's momma Ginger
 Ginger, Chuckie and Chester
 Chester.  Seriously, he really IS a sheep, not a baby Holstein calf!
 Chester and Chuckie
 Cassie and sister Charlotte.  Notice that Char has the same brown spot in almost exactly the same place as cousin Chuckie
The whole gang, reveling in the ultra rare spot of February sunshine

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