Friday, February 27, 2015

Into Each Garden a Little Compost Must Fall

Dale took a look at the ancient but still serviceable ComposTumbler that he literally rebuilt several years ago when I acquired it to find out why it wouldn't turn easily, and found that I had perhaps been a bit lax in removing the contents in a timely manner of late.  So that seemed like a very good excuse to get out and get more done in the garden.  Included in that would be rebuilding the beds that I had so carefully rebuilt just a week before, until the dogs got to chasing down the voles or gophers making their home in it.
The compost was a mixture of everything - cow, chicken, sheep, goat, and horse poop; straw embedded in same; leaves; grass clippings; some old peat pots complete with potting soil and whatever else I felt like chucking into the 'pot'.  The results were a light, delightful and rich compost that immediately was put to use on the pea beds and future cuke beds.  The snow and snap peas went in that very day.
The next task was the dairy barn garage potting area.  I went after it with a vengeance and when the dust (literally) settled, not only was it cleaned up but 3 flats were seeded and on the heat mats.  Broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and a butt-load of pollinator flowers in this set.
Next up, the greenhouse needs to have the hardier pots moved out, the stuff that didn't survive taken care of, and room made for the flats when they come off the heat.

 Pea beds, composted and planted
 Beds rebuilt yet again
 Dale built the A frame for the cukes several years ago and they still work fabulously well
 Gem the BC enjoying the benches after a hard day's work in the garden.  Okay, SUPERVISING the work in the garden
Jan and I found these nifty little things at the Polk County Home Show last weekend.  Perfect for cupholders for the benches

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