Monday, February 16, 2015

Finally, Challenger!

What's a calving season without a little drama?  Yesterday, LeeLu played drama queen all afternoon.  After her water broke and Cy had to investigate, she then kept trying to claim him as her own, which meant she pretty much quit trying to calve, figuring that she'd already done so.  A few hours later, I knew it was hopeless and called in the troops.  Frank and Sharon arrived and in short order, we finished the job for her.  A lively, huge 95# bull calf joined her in the sheep pen for the night as she wanted no part of him for a while.  I got a bottle down him in record time - that boy's got some suction! - draped some icky bit over the salt Sharon had sprinkled him with earlier, turned on the trailcam, and left them for the night.  By early morning, Gerry was clean and dry and well fed and momma LeeLu was being all protective and motherly, so out into the morning they went to meet the other kids.
That just leaves Nellie, due in a few weeks, and then we are done for the year unless Bert did manage to somehow breed Ruffie a few weeks ago
 Gerry, 12 hours old and out into the world