Friday, February 27, 2015

Drunken Pots Get an Update

I never was really all that happy with how the original turned out, so I got an idea from planting out a strawberry pot, and ran with it.
Once the succulents fill in, I hope it'll turn out the way I envision.  One thing about succulents here in the Northwest - they are supremely happy and will grow, grow GROW.  Drop a bit of one in a pot or patch of dirt somewhere and stand back.  I have a grouping of small clay pots on a wrought iron trifold screen that flourish year round with zero fuss.  The entire group survived the 9 day 20 degree and below stretch a few years back, 2' of snow last February and me forgetting to water them for weeks at a time during the dry summer months.  The selection of varieties is seemingly endless and each has its own charm.  Gardeners trade them in search of new varieties and to share their overwhelming bounty.
Yep, nothing like them little buggers

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