Monday, February 16, 2015

Cy, Busy Guy

9 days old, and he's figured that he might as well pack as much as he can in every waking moment.  Hence, the name 'Cyclone'

 Momma Twyla - trust me, she knows he's there.  And he knows she knows
 This was a case of mistaken identity.  As you can see (if you're a cow person), LeeLu is in labour.  Her water bag already went, and of course Cy had to go see about that, thus getting it all over him.  Thus, LeeLu figured she'd already calved and he was hers, so she started chasing him around
Every person with a working stock dog will like this shot.  What a nice, controlled walk up, keeping the sheep moving quietly and smoothly, reading his flight zone perfectly

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  1. Poor Leelu, she thought she'd had the easiest calving ever.