Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another Lambing Season in the Books

With the Friday evening arrival of Ginger's twin ram lambs, we are done with our lambing for 2015.  Batting a perfect 100%, with the two first time moms Kayla and Dovie each delivering their lambs with zero help needed and the three experienced ewes Flossie, Twyla and Twyla's daughter Ginger delivering their twins as expected, it was a successful experiment with early season lambing for us.
Now, we just need to work on figuring out how to charge admission for all the drivers that stop along Foster Road to both watch and take pictures of the lamb circus...
 The boys don't have names yet.  I'm waiting for the big game today.  However, if my Seahawks play against the Patriots like they played against the Packers, I fully expect to have to go to my back up names because they will get beat probably pretty badly

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