Friday, February 13, 2015

A Star is Born

The bet was on.  On Wednesday, I told Dale that I thought that Joy would wait maybe another day or three.  He said she'd calve before the day was done.  At 9:30 Wednesday night, I was out in the dark telling her to cross her legs for just a few more hours but of course, did she listen to me, the person who feeds her and scratches her behind her ears and talks to her?  Oh HELL no.  By 10:30 Cassie was trying to gain her legs and I'd lost the bet.
Oh, and the name?  This time of year up here, seeing the stars at night is a rare treat, but Cassiopeia was blazing above us Wednesday night, so it just seemed right.
Unfortunately, she was born with moderate to severe contracted tendons, which is odd for a single birth of a small calf from an experienced momma, but it is mostly self correcting.  She gets around just fine, but we'll still keep an eye on her.
Now, Joy's momma LeeLu can go ahead and pop any time now.  Really.  The rain is still holding off for the next several days, no snow in the forecast, never gonna be a better time.  Do you hear me, LeeLu?
 Morgan Rivers Cassiopeia, 12 hrs old 

 Contracted tendon on the right rear causing the odd stance

 Left front contracted tendon.  Less severe on the right front and left rear
Meeting half bro Bert

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