Sunday, January 11, 2015

It's Raining Lambs

Last Wednesday, it was flat raining lambs out here on the ranch.  When I got home from work, Flossie was about to pop, and by late afternoon, she had her twin daughters dried, fed and bouncing around like little kernels of popcorn.  4 hours later, Pogo was giving me 'the look' outside the door to the sheep pen, and sure enough, Twyla's last born was just wobbling to her feet.  So, score Rango 11 lambs total, 10 ewes and 1 ram.  Good thing he stayed close, as I like what he produces with my girls.
It was kind of bittersweet, however, as Flossie and her twin daughters were leaving the next morning for their new home in Wilsonville, up near Portland, along with Gene and Sweetpea the wethers.  But, they will be spoiled rotten up there by Kristina and Brent, so that makes it better.
Now we just have Twyla's daughter Ginger left, and our experiment with early lambing will be done. 
 Flossie with her twin daughters, a few hours old
 Twyla's twins Charlotte (white) and Cassie (black), not quite 12 hours old

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