Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bellfountain Community Game Feed, 2015

Another wildly successful Game Feed went into the books last Sunday evening.  As always, Romella did a fine job organizing donations for the raffle and lining up food and volunteers as well as nabbing author Bob Welch as the guest speaker, presenting a slideshow on he and his bro-in-law's hike of the John Muir Trail and part of the PCT last summer.  There was the usual tons of food - elk, venison, bear, salmon, tuna and more - all wild harvested by community members.  This year, Bruce and Barb as well as Dale and I contributed free-range beef dishes to the mix as well, along with my locally famous Beer Bread.  We ended up winning a huge apple pie in the raffle, and Dale showed off the latest acquisition for his vintage rifle collection in the Trophy Room display, always a huge draw for all attendees.
 The rifle in front is Dale's newest.  A 1968 vintage Ruger M77 V in .220 Swift with a vintage Unertl Ultra Varmint 15x scope.  This is a very, VERY special rifle in that is one of two known examples, an early 3 digit serial numbered piece custom built by a Ruger employee
 A very small portion of Steve's collection on display
 Steve's corner, with Dale's Ruger M77 V
 Steve's elk, previously misidentified as a blacktail.  As Dale pointed out, that would indeed have been one MASSIVE blacktail.  As it turns out, I didn't actually get a shot of Marissa's first trophy blacktail mount that was on the wall next to this elk

 Our Cowboy Coffee beef seemed to be a big hit
'No really, warden, I didn't just shoot it.  I found it lying in the road and am taking it home for safekeeping until the owner can be found'.  Only in Bellfountain would this not even raise an eyebrow....Steve's mount in the back of Adam's truck headed home after the Game Feed on a very damp and foggy evening.  I tried to get a shot of 4 guys trying to tie it down but the fog made the flash picture all spotty


  1. seeing the mount in the back of the truck for scale; BAM! That thing is huge!

  2. Yeah. On the bare wall of the Trophy Room there's nothing to scale it to. But it was MASSIVE!!