Friday, January 30, 2015

Crocus Confusion

Well, okay, to be fair, they do usually bloom this time of year.  And it's quite a welcome sight, along with this huge expanse of blue sky and sunshine, something that folks elsewhere take for granted, but that which us Pacific Northwesterners cherish and celebrate
 A smattering of the early ones, above, and a contemplative Gem the Border Collie with a gaggle of more, below

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bellfountain Community Game Feed, 2015

Another wildly successful Game Feed went into the books last Sunday evening.  As always, Romella did a fine job organizing donations for the raffle and lining up food and volunteers as well as nabbing author Bob Welch as the guest speaker, presenting a slideshow on he and his bro-in-law's hike of the John Muir Trail and part of the PCT last summer.  There was the usual tons of food - elk, venison, bear, salmon, tuna and more - all wild harvested by community members.  This year, Bruce and Barb as well as Dale and I contributed free-range beef dishes to the mix as well, along with my locally famous Beer Bread.  We ended up winning a huge apple pie in the raffle, and Dale showed off the latest acquisition for his vintage rifle collection in the Trophy Room display, always a huge draw for all attendees.
 The rifle in front is Dale's newest.  A 1968 vintage Ruger M77 V in .220 Swift with a vintage Unertl Ultra Varmint 15x scope.  This is a very, VERY special rifle in that is one of two known examples, an early 3 digit serial numbered piece custom built by a Ruger employee
 A very small portion of Steve's collection on display
 Steve's corner, with Dale's Ruger M77 V
 Steve's elk, previously misidentified as a blacktail.  As Dale pointed out, that would indeed have been one MASSIVE blacktail.  As it turns out, I didn't actually get a shot of Marissa's first trophy blacktail mount that was on the wall next to this elk

 Our Cowboy Coffee beef seemed to be a big hit
'No really, warden, I didn't just shoot it.  I found it lying in the road and am taking it home for safekeeping until the owner can be found'.  Only in Bellfountain would this not even raise an eyebrow....Steve's mount in the back of Adam's truck headed home after the Game Feed on a very damp and foggy evening.  I tried to get a shot of 4 guys trying to tie it down but the fog made the flash picture all spotty

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Fave Season

My personal fave season?
Seed catalogue season!
Just a small selection of the ones currently in use, not counting the ones that have come in since, nor the ones either passed along to other gardening fanatics or tossed

Dead Tired (Or Maybe Bored)

Where does 2200# of beef on the hoof flop when he's tired or bored?
Wherever the heck he wants!

Pasture of the Rising Sun

Even after almost 9 years, walking outside in the morning to this never has gotten old...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

We Have Siblings Reverlry

After Twyla took her daughters out into the world, they spent a lot of time discovering things - like their older siblings Willa and Obama.  And the round bale feeder that Willa has already been inside of
 I know it's not a great picture - it was nearly dusk and they were on the wrong side of the feeder - but Charlotte levitating was too funny

Meeting 'big' sister Willa

It's Raining Lambs

Last Wednesday, it was flat raining lambs out here on the ranch.  When I got home from work, Flossie was about to pop, and by late afternoon, she had her twin daughters dried, fed and bouncing around like little kernels of popcorn.  4 hours later, Pogo was giving me 'the look' outside the door to the sheep pen, and sure enough, Twyla's last born was just wobbling to her feet.  So, score Rango 11 lambs total, 10 ewes and 1 ram.  Good thing he stayed close, as I like what he produces with my girls.
It was kind of bittersweet, however, as Flossie and her twin daughters were leaving the next morning for their new home in Wilsonville, up near Portland, along with Gene and Sweetpea the wethers.  But, they will be spoiled rotten up there by Kristina and Brent, so that makes it better.
Now we just have Twyla's daughter Ginger left, and our experiment with early lambing will be done. 
 Flossie with her twin daughters, a few hours old
 Twyla's twins Charlotte (white) and Cassie (black), not quite 12 hours old

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Super Sky

You know me, sky, clouds and camera.  It just never ends, does it?

If It's Gonna Be THIS Cold...

...there should at least be SNOW.
Got past the kinda big chill of the last few days without much of a hitch, other than one very cold goat who ended up sporting one of my old Harley hoodies to try and defrost her

 I just loved the look of this ice from one of the unused stocktanks that was full of rainwater.  The lines of bubbles were just magical

 Not even Chubby Tubby, aka Cricket, could break THIS ice on the dog's water tank!
After the cold snap ended, the temperature graph on the bottom left of the weather station looked like an EKG that took a sudden leap upwards

Frosty Sheep

Pregnant Ginger, pregnant momma Twyla (with white triangle) and Ginger's half brother Gene, who was so frosty that he was completely white with it.
Oh wait, he is white anyway

Scenes from the New Year

Some scenic shots from the end of last year and beginning of this year
 On a cold, clear day, you can see Mt. Hood from the south pasture, far left of the picture just to the right of the little brown hill

 This shot and the one below just looked like paintings

Two Weeks Old

And still waiting for the other three ewes to give the 'big' kids some more playmates

Fungus Among Us

A whole patch of this showed up outside the front gate, alongside the driveway.  The colour really is International Distress Orange