Saturday, November 1, 2014

As The Limb Falls

The storm that hit earlier this week kind of caught us by surprise by its strength.  Welcomed the rain; could have done without the wind.  These storms this time of year hit when the trees are still pretty leafy, and if, as in this case, there has been a substantial amount of rainfall in the days preceding, the saturated ground could cause these leafy trees to topple in the wind.  Lucky for us, Buena Vista Tree Care had been out the previous fall to do a lot of work after the big limb came down on the dairy barn garage, and thus, we were spared any more unpleasant surprises.  However, the big Norway maple by the deck, which had never lost a limb in the previous 7 falls since we've lived here, decided to drop one on us.  Nothing major, mushed a very pretty pot I particularly liked into dirt, pansies and shards, and flattened a wheel on the little BBQ, but otherwise, 30 minutes with a chainsaw and it was all cleared up

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