Saturday, November 29, 2014

Misty Oaks

Some experimental shots this evening, temperatures dropping rapidly into the 30's, heading for the 20's tonite, rain/snow/ice balls done for the day.  Looking southwest, towards Don's place, a long shot with the S110 in evening dusk, handheld.
The Oregon white oaks are so special.  Each and every one has its own personality and style

Ruffie and Boomer

Mother and son enjoying the freshly washed green grass on the heels of the passing storm this evening.
 JB Ruffian, aka Ruffie Baby BooBoo Girl, turns 10 years in January
 Son, by Roar, Boomer at 4 months.  LeeLu in the background, looking for another patch of grass to mow

Jingle Dogs and Arbor Lights

Let there be LED lights, wreaths and dogs.
And, there were LED lights, wreaths and dogs.
All good

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Fire Fall

More fall colour

 Same Japanese maple, above and below, pictures taken within a minute of each other.  First one from the west side of the tree, second from the south side.  Bottom one almost looks like it was taken with flash, but it wasn't

The Great Pumpkin Massacre of 2014

I know I said I'd wait until after Thanksgiving to slaughter the pumpkins and make roasted pumpkin seeds.  But, the temptation was just too great.  The very thought of freshly ground Himalayan pink salt, olive oil and homegrown 'Kakai' hull-less pumpkin seeds all roasting in the oven had me drooling all over the place.  Thus, the first 6 pumpkins gave up their seeds, and for the first time ever, I got to taste hull-less roasted pumpkin seeds, and they aren't very good.  They are OUTSTANDING!!
I took the first bag to work and barely got it out of there with a few handfuls left.  Today, the dogs and I slaughtered the rest of the first group and we now have our own personal bowl of them sitting where a passing hand can grab some.  And they do.
The empty husks went to the cows, goat, sheep and horse and believe me when I tell you what a frenzy the cows went into over them.  Nellie was ramming them with her head and pushing them with her nose before grabbing them and devouring every last morsel.  Even the hens got into an errant lid that ended up within their reach, at least until Ruffie found it and claimed it for her own.  Even her little son Boomer found pumpkin husks to his liking, at least as long as he could keep one in his mouth before some big damn momma cow took it away from him.  Not a lot of motherly love goes on when there's food involved, not among them girls.
 The first one, the one that grew thru the fence.  Ended up with about 1/2 of a gallon Ziplock bag of seeds - before I took it to work.  Came home with the bottom of the bag barely covered
 Slaughterhouse 3.  Hoke didn't care for either the raw seeds or the pulp, but the girls sure did

Leaky Bug

Going out to feed on a frosty morn, I found a leaky bug on a fencepost and couldn't pass it up

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Jurassic Chicken

When the mighty and fearsome Chickosaurus ruled the Earth

Dog on Fire

The heirloom dogwood we lost to a snowstorm a few years ago has risen from the roots and is being trained as a multi trunked specimen now.  Showing off its fall colours from two different angle in the evening light

Herdin' Horse

Who needs a working dog when you have Pony?
31 year old Saddlebred Pony brings his minions up the hill in the south pasture on a crisp, gorgeous mid fall day.  You really should see this on a big screen to appreciate!

Frost on the Pumpkin

Yep, that Polar Plunge just nipped us out here

 Cricket poses on the frosty deck....
 ....and finds out her usual method of breaking the ice is not working
 Hoke goes for the triple dog dare
 Sparkly hills, didn't really show in the pix, but was gorgeous in real time

Leafless in Bellfountain

So you're grumpy about raking a few leaves, are ya?
Take note of the amount of leaves still on the black walnut in these time lapse pictures.  The green leaves all dropped within a few hours the first morning it hit 23 degrees.  Bonus for us - one last leaf pick up for the year instead of the usual, long drawn out affair

Sunday, November 9, 2014

True Colours

 Good reasons to get out of bed in the morning.  Completely untouched except the first one is cropped

Spectacular, Stunning Sunrise

Completely untouched, except for cropping, this mornings sunrise

Cows in the Mist 2014 Edition

Artsy shots from this morning

 Not so little Boomer
 Nellie emerges from the mist

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fenceline on Fire

You knew there'd be more of this, didn't you?
Can't help it.  When the sun hits that treeline this time of year, it's traffic-stoppingly gorgeous

As The Limb Falls

The storm that hit earlier this week kind of caught us by surprise by its strength.  Welcomed the rain; could have done without the wind.  These storms this time of year hit when the trees are still pretty leafy, and if, as in this case, there has been a substantial amount of rainfall in the days preceding, the saturated ground could cause these leafy trees to topple in the wind.  Lucky for us, Buena Vista Tree Care had been out the previous fall to do a lot of work after the big limb came down on the dairy barn garage, and thus, we were spared any more unpleasant surprises.  However, the big Norway maple by the deck, which had never lost a limb in the previous 7 falls since we've lived here, decided to drop one on us.  Nothing major, mushed a very pretty pot I particularly liked into dirt, pansies and shards, and flattened a wheel on the little BBQ, but otherwise, 30 minutes with a chainsaw and it was all cleared up