Saturday, October 25, 2014

Welcome to the Fall Storm Season

No, really.  Especially those of us who depend on the rains to feed livestock.  We do rain dances towards the end of summer, hoping for a fertile rainy season.  We started a bit early this year, and I hope that doesn't mean we end early next year, as we did the past rainy season where we saw the driest November, December and February in decades.
In the meantime, NOAA keeps predicting a series of killer storms, somewhat thankfully none that have actually lived up to their hype.  The definite upside is that we are all green again.  The downside is that means leaf pickup season is about to get serious.  We have a well used AgFab leaf mulcher/picker upper that we bought after our first fall here.  Love, love, LOVE those ancient Oregon white oaks and black walnuts and maples during the spring and summer; but all of that massive leaf canopy must fall at some point, and then it's less love and more cussing.  The mulching machine made life quite a bit easier, but we still have to get the leaves to where the machine can run them over and mulch them up, which isn't in the flower beds and on the deck and up against the fences.  Still, I grew the most productive batch of melons and pumpkins this year on a 3' high bed of last years mulched leaves.  Can't argue with that.
Pellet stove, fall colours, hot coffee, hearty stews, fresh baked bread and other goodies, hoodies, muck boots, clean cows.  It's all good this time of year up here.
Click on the first pix and try to see it on the big screen for best viewing
 This morning, it was just a perfect shot with the light and mist
 The tree line along Dawson in the north pasture.  Revving up

 'Brandywine' crabapple and the fall décor, a perfect pairing

I rarely ever notice the barometer except when something doesn't look normal.  This morning, a popped breaker in the kitchen let us know that the battery backup for the weather station wasn't backing anymore.  Once we got the batteries replaced, I had to go figure out how to reset everything back to normal (notice I still hadn't gotten the rain year back, it's still on rain rate per hour).  That's when I noticed the barometer.  Bet that's about the lowest I've ever noticed!

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  1. A great bunch of photos, I really love that first shot.