Thursday, October 9, 2014

Little Coop of Horrors

The time had come.  This big monster 'coon has been back several nights in a row, and he was checking out all the weak spots in Fort Hen.  I was pretty sure he'd eventually find one and that would be that for the New Gangsta Girls.  Thus, this morning I went out and fortified the coop, making it as intruder proof as I could, and also give the hens some measure of comfort.  As you can see in the trail cam shots below, this guy startled them out of their sleep and they slept all night in the worst possible place, right up against the coop door.  They sure were glad to get out this morning, but tonite, they took one look at the remodel and decided they'd rather take their chances with the 'coon.  I shooed them in and there they will stay for a few days until the regain their comfort level with the new digs.  After all, I spent a lot of time on the remodel, they darn well better appreciate it!

 Startled hens flee to the gate
 And then leave the gate when the 'coon shows up there
 That is one BIG 'coon.  Trap set tonite, not sure he'll fit in it but ya never know
 He's where they normally roost at night, an area that had some weaknesses
 Cleared out and ready to remodel and fortify
 OSB on the outside of the coop, secured with 2X4 stringers from the inside, which double as nest box hangers.  Tarping the roof for the winter is next up

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