Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The 2014 Wine Tour

Last week, Jim and Pam from Massachusetts, and Shelly from Encinitas (near San Diego) came out to do a bit of wine tasting.  We started out on Wednesday at Silvan Ridge and Sweet Cheeks, just south of Eugene, and worked our way back to the ranch by way of LaVelle, Pfieffer, Brigadoon and Benton-Lane.  I assure you, by the time we finished up at the tick of 5 at Benton-Lane, we were more than ready to be finished!  A bit overambitious to say the least, but much good wine was tasted and it seemed at every venue, we met up with folks from either or both parts of the country our guests were from at some point.  Lesson learned, on Thursday we headed north to Newburg (near Portland) to Bergstrom, where of all things, the gal behind the counter was a school counselor for Shelly's boys at their school in San Diego way back when!  We left Bergstrom and headed to Witness Tree and Bethel Heights and then home.
Friday was a light day on purpose, with only Cardwell Hill, just north of Philomath, and Spindrift, in Philomath, on the list.  It was Jim and Pam's last day before heading back to the other coast the next day, and it was also Pam's birthday (no, I didn't ask which one, I figured she could beat me up).  We surprised her with a fab cake from the Corvallis Market of Choice bakers, and a hearty Cowboy Coffee beef stew using our own ranch raised beef of course.  It was a huge hit, so much so that every bit of it disappeared that same night.
Jim and Pam managed to somehow fit 10 bottles of wine in their checked bags as well as shipping a case of Cardwell Hill Rose back home.  All the checked wine made it home safe and sound and one bottle was tackled that same night.
It was a great time, having good friends and good wine along with fab scenery and  plenty of tales to tell around the firepit table while the rain pattered down around us.  We always enjoy time with our long distance friends and try to show them the best time possible while they are here
 Cardwell Hill Pinot Noir grapes, a few days from harvest
 Bergstrom, Newburg.  Original tasting room

 Bergstrom, new tasting room.  Jim, Dale and Pam headed for the door
 Chardonnay grapes at Witness Tree, near Salem.  Super sweet and ready to harvest!

 Witness Tree, Dale, Jim, a slice of Shelly and Pam (orange shirt).  The actual Witness Tree is the lone oak directly above Jim's head with the straw coloured patch of ground behind it
 The view from Bethel Heights Vineyard, near Salem
 Bethel Heights

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