Thursday, September 18, 2014

Please Make It Stop

There appears to be a problem with the pumpkins and melons recognizing that the season is OVER already, QUIT putting out new ones!
For size reference, my infamous 'dumbphone'.  No, the Gorilla Tape isn't on it to protect its identity.  It's there to prevent the loss of any of my limbs from the shattered front glass.  Now you all know why I do not text very well
 'Kakai' pumpkin.  Most of them are already ripe and/or picked and on display
 'Li'l Sweet' cantaloupes.  Already got a half dozen in the fridge.  We're done, thank you.  You can stop any time now
 'Kakai' pumpkin, ready to be picked, once I can wade thru the melons and stuff to get to it

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