Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Light Change

It was beyond time.  Since day one, 8 years ago, I have said that the ugly, 70's light fixture in the upstairs guest bath had to go.  It shed light not on the sink area, but just around the door.  And did I mention it was ugly?  My chance came with Jason, from 360 Electric out of Harrisburg, our go-to electrical guy.  He was coming out anyway to finish up the rest of the barn lighting project, so I zipped over and got 2 gorgeous new light fixtures to replace the ugly one (I did mention it was ugly, didn't I?) and finally get some light over the sink area.  At the same time, we decided to put an LED can in the shower as well, as the light in the shower part of the bathroom could use some help.  Timing is everything; Dale was on a business trip to San Diego and we had guests arriving the following week, so it was go-time.
The results were dramatic, and quite well received by all, especially our guests who DEFINATELY appreciated not having to brush their teeth by Braille at night anymore

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