Tuesday, September 30, 2014

2014 Oregon Flock and Fibre Festival

One other reason Shelly was here, besides the wine, was for the Oregon Flock and Fibre Festival, a yearly event held in Canby, Oregon (near Portland).  She had driven up with her siblings to hang with her brother who lives in Idaho, and came thru on her way home for a week of wine and wool.
We had a great time there, in spite of the fact it was 80 degrees out, waaaaay above normal for this time of year.  However, last year it poured and stormed, so maybe the heat wasn't so bad after all.  We saw lots of stuff, made some new contacts in the sheep and wool world, got to meet up with Michelle from Boulderneigh Shetlands and see her prized young ewe lamb and pretty much closed the joint down
 The place was packed, even late in the day on the last day of the festival

 Michelle adores her little ewe!


  1. There's my pretty new girl (she's three years old, BTW) – and I don't even look terrible! Can I share the photos on my blog?

  2. Absolutely! And she is just too adorable!!