Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We've Got a Gate!!

Try to imagine my utter shock this morning.  The driveway alarum went off fairly early, but we weren't expecting anyone and it wasn't time for the Pacific Power meter reader yet, waaaay too early for UPS or FedEx.  And then it kept going off.  I figured it was a bit late for the damn pesky deer that seems to enjoy playing with it in the wee hours, causing me to send Cricket out to chase it off.  And when I looked out the kitchen window to see if the wasps were swarming around the transmitter again, I nearly dropped my coffee.  There was a work van, and a trailer, and in that trailer was a gorgeous piece of art otherwise known as our driveway gate!!  Craig got his act together finally and with a new crew, came out to FINALLY, FINALLY install our gate we've been awaiting for so long!
They got the grunt work done today, setting and welding the monster in place, fitting up the operator bits and brackets, installing the side panels and tomorrow, we will have a working gate!  He has given up on the original artist who was making the stainless steel cutouts and lettering and is in the process of finding someone else to do that, but that's something that can be installed any time.  We are just happy to finally be able to contain the Border Collie who tends to wander across the street to check out what's going on at the park occasionally, and to prevent the dogs that clueless people  cut loose at the park and have zero control over from ending up in the yard, fence fighting with our dogs or chasing the stock along the fenceline.
It's been a long time coming, and now it's nearly there


  1. Yeah, we are thinking of charging entry fees to go thru it. Kinda like the Coronado Bay Bridge. Charge a toll until it's paid for, then for the upkeep. Except we really shouldn't have much upkeep, no salt air to contend with and it better NOT need painting in our lifetime!