Sunday, August 10, 2014

Camp 18 2014

It was a fun week, with out of town visits from Tim, son Jack and Hoke X Cricket daughter Sweep from Vegas, and Shelly with her two dogs Shae and Sweep's brother Rowyn from the San Diego area driving up for a visit and mini dog family reunion (see for those pictures).  And, Friday was our 32nd anniversary, which we celebrated with a late lunch/early dinner at Camp 18 ( about 3 hours north of the ranch.  Shelly had never been there so it was something of a treat for her.  Of course, it was a treat for Dale too, as he started dreaming about those monster razor clams and cinnamon rolls weeks ahead of time.
 Just a little perspective on exactly how big that centerpole is.  Shelly poses with a new pal

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