Saturday, August 23, 2014

Gated Community

Or, since we do have a WGC Saddlebred in residence, maybe it should read 'Gaited' Community.  Either way, it's DONE!!  The lovely solar powered LED lights for the tops of the gateposts are on order and Craig already welded up the fittings for them so we just have to slide them on, tighten them down and enjoy.  Still awaiting a few adjustments and the inside keypad; a small emergency vet call by OSU for Bert the calf on Friday morning saw them accidently get locked inside because I forgot to mention the keypad was only on the outside of the gatepost at the moment, and the only other one in sight was the garage door opener one for the dairy barn garage, which obviously didn't work very well.  But, we eventually got them released and Bert is fine, so it all worked out.
It will be nice to 'dress' the gate at holidays.  I saw a totally cool, realistic 5' plastic human skeleton, fully posable, that I have plans for.  And solar LED light strings have come miles since I ordered my first ones a few years ago, so some of those are in the works as well.  But the biggest thing is that now Gem the Border Collie is fully contained; no more nighttime potty excursions over to the park for her.  And when folks come over with their dogs to play, peace of mind means no longer having to watch them like a hawk to keep track of how close to the road they get.
Plus, it just dresses the joint up some, don't it?

 We did add a man gate for those times we don't want to open the big guy

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  1. are we sure it isn't a woman gate? How do you tell?