Sunday, August 17, 2014

Deck Redo Redux

So, it was pathetic.  After all the backbreaking hours last summer of prepping the deck for the Rust-o-Leum Restore coating, coupled with the time spent carefully applying the Restore not to mention the hideously expensive cost, the first rains a month later saw the first bubble appear in the coating.  Throughout the fall, winter and spring, and this IS the Pacific Northwest, we get RAIN, usually LOTS of it, bigger and bigger sections of the coating bubbled up and then began peeling away.  Soon, it appeared that the deck once again had leprosy, just as it had for the past 8 years.  And, once again, we spent many backbreaking hours reprepping the deck, removing all the not even a year old coating of Restore.  Dale got mad and got out his big grinder and went after it ruthlessly.  I favoured my knife, spending many hours peeling up large strips and chunks of the Restore.  If you've ever had a bad sunburn, yeah, it was like that.  Only much less satisfying, gross as that may be.
We are trying it one more time.  Much to our absolute joy, the cost of a bucket of Restore went up $10 in price since last summer.  But, we did get it done before the first of our summer visitors arrived.  It doesn't quite match in colour but we figure it's pretty close and eventually, if it lasts this time, it'll fade together. 
This is the last shot at it.  After all the money and time we've spent trying to make this deck presentable over the past 8 years, the next step is to start replacing the cedar with Trex - also a very costly job, but had we just done that from the start 8 years ago, we'd probably be money ahead by now.

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