Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Pumpkin Ate My Garden

Otherwise titled, 'Monster Garden'
 I cannot believe how much this pumpkin grows on a daily basis
 The volleyball sized 'Kakai' pumpkins are now large beachball sized.  If I didn't have the garden fenced to keep the dogs out, I'd put Cricket in there for size comparison.  Both pumpkin and leaves would nearly dwarf her.  I've seen elephant ear plants with smaller leaves
 You can kind of see some size comparison there - that is a full sized half wine barrel that is being eaten, plus the pea fence, which sits about 6" off the ground, is 48" tall wire

 It's very hard to see, but the Monarda fistulosa is covered in bees of all kinds
 'That's Delicious' corn.  Again, 48" fencing with a strand of barb wire above and the posts approximately 12" above wire
 The blackberries ripened early this year, and they are so sweet it almost hurts to eat them.  One of the Bee Girls came over and sipped the juice from them off my hand, it's that sweet

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