Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santa Maria Trip - Reunion and Birthday Party

There were two reason why Jim and I flew into Santa Maria for several days in the middle of a heat wave I thought I left behind at the ranch.  One, was to celebrate (early) his 50th birthday.  We kind of started a weird tradition - my 50th was at Jim's place in Wisconsin, Stan's at the ranch and thus Jim's was at Stan's in Santa Maria.  The other was, for the first time ever, to meet our older half sister Pam and our nieces Kerri and Tracey.  Yep, you read that right.  Seems about 10 years ago Pam went looking for her birth mother - and found her.  The entire story isn't of interest to anyone outside of us, but it was quite the little bit of news to find out that FINALLY, I'm not the oldest!!
We spent the 5th together at Stan and Steph's home in Santa Maria, talking and getting to know each other.  It was a fab time, believe me!  I've now acquired not only a cool older sister but two fab nieces as well, all in the space of a few hours.
It was a great visit (could have done without the heat, but that's just my usual gripe about any weather warmer than 72).  Steph's local bakery made Jim the cake of his dreams, decorated with tiny John Deere hats which of course he took home with him, and by the time the girls had to head back to Santa Barbara where they were staying, we had starting making plans for a yearly reunion to be held at the ranch.  Pam has never been to Oregon, and Kerri, her oldest daughter, is a major league runner that of course has to visit Tracktown USA (Eugene) and run Pre's Trail, the Holy Grail for all runners.  It should be an absolutely wonderful time, if this short visit is any indication!
 I no longer have to stand first!! Pam, me, Stan and Jim at the Rock N Roll Diner on the way to Pismo Beach

 He's taking it all in....
 .....and, he's figured out those are little JD hats.  Happy happy happy
Kerri, mom Pam, me, Tracey, Jim, Steph, Stan and Spencer - the whole gang together for the first time!

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