Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santa Maria Trip - Morro Bay

Tons of childhood memories locked up in that rock.  Learned to scuba dive around that rock and lost a fin to a Moray eel there.  Learned to surf on Morro Strand State Beach in the coldest water outside of the Bering Sea.  Ate saltwater taffy until I wanted to toss my cookies - oh wait, that was just last night when I got home.
Click the pix and see on a big screen for the fullest enjoyment!
 A normal view of The Rock
 Spencer and dad Stan horse around on the pier.  Was waiting for the shot of one of them going in the water
 No, Spencer didn't actually toss dad in the water.  Those ripples would have been MUCH larger if he had

 The DSRV2 'Avalon', one of two Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles, the submariners best hope in case of disaster.  Now retired.  Sister ship and DSRV1 'Mystic' I think is on the other coast
 Ah, the old PG&E stacks.  In the early 70's on a class trip, several of us made our way partially up the first stack to paint our high school logo (LHS, for Lemoore High School) on it.  When I was telling that story to Spencer, I had originally thought we had made it about 2/3 of the way up before we gave out.  As it turns out, on further inspection several decades later, I realized we didn't even make it half way.  Which is still an awesome feat.  Logo no longer there, sadly.  Note to PG&E officials - I'll never tell who my cohorts were, even if I could remember their names
 Skateboard Museum, downtown Morro Bay, including the World's 2nd Largest Skateboard.  Used to be 1st, but apparently there is now a larger useless object floating around somewhere

 Right in heart of old downtown Morro Bay there is a very hip and classy nursery of all things.  Steph, who used to be in the florist biz at one point, is like me and just cannot resist a visit.  I love these pots that hang on the wall for succulents!

 The nursery features a lot of stuff by local artists.  There were several of these massive windchimes on display.  This was the coolest
 Speaking of cool....this isn't what you think it is.  It is a sculpture of an old Ford bench seat with car parts on it!  The detail is absolutely amazing!!!  You MUST see this on a big screen

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