Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santa Maria Trip - The Madonna Inn

Another iconic tourist stop on the Central Coast is The Madonna Inn.  It's a fairytale of a place, as you will see in the pictures below.  We stopped there for breakfast on the way up to Cayucos and Morro Bay and of course, to shop.  Steph had a brilliant suggestion to use two of the goblets (sold in many colours in all the gift shops) as LED tealight holders for the outside table, so of course, I got two gorgeous deep purple ones with the lusterware coating for just that very use.  Can't wait to use them for the first time
 The table tops are copper, the view is impeccable, the lamps are originals
 Signature pink goblets (them suckers are HEAVY) and pink sugar crystals.  Oh yeah, and Spencer's face sneaking into the shot from the side that I didn't notice

 Should have warned you I was going arty here
 The fabulously over the top lounge and steak house
Stan, son Spencer, me and Jim in the very back

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