Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santa Maria Trip - Fourth of July Party

We trekked a few doors down to Will and Leah's fab backyard for a Fourth of July party, complete with 'safe and sane' fireworks that little bro's Stan and Jim got.  We closed out the party around 11 pm, with all the illegal fireworks that the city was cracking down on so hard bursting in the air all around us from all over the place
 Notice that it's all guys standing around the flaming fireworks here.  Stan in orange and grey jacket, Jim in blaze orange shirt, host will in blue plaid shirt and jeans, don't know who man with son on shoulder is
 Love the tyke's reaction here
 Jim to nephew Spencer and Will's son Eric 'Now, it's perfectly safe to put your unused fireworks right next to where you're lighting off the others.  That way you can set them up quicker'

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