Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Santa Maria Trip - Cayucos

The last day of my trip to Santa Maria was a visit to my fave town on the Central Coast, Cayucos.  When I started going to Kathy Warren of Windsong Aussies's stockdog camps in 1992, she lives just north of Cayucos, thus I 'discovered' the tiny town and instantly fell in love with the charm and casualness of it.  One of the best of the best in Cayucos was The Sea Shanty (funny how so much of what stuff I remember revolves around good food), where Carolini's desserts are the stuff of legends.  We moseyed all over town, doing some shopping and antiquing, then headed to the Shanty on the way back to Santa Maria for dessert.  Amazing as always, and we rolled out of there in full on sugar comas

 Nephew Spencer in front of a Tiny Car called 'Gizmo'
 Spencer swings at the Schooner
Heaven's real name is The Sea Shanty

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