Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mid Summer Blooms

The late lilies are blooming now, and when it's even a little bit warm, the fragrance just drifts all over the place.  I was sorting thru my Blue J iris order that came in yesterday while I was sitting out on the deck before it started raining, and the perfume just kept wafting around me.
And then there was a surprise bloom in the form of a petunia I didn't plant - in the middle of the hard-packed, heavy gravel, never ever watered except when it rains (and it rarely does this time of year) parking area next to the dairy barn garage.  I'm no longer pampering my planted petunias after this
 New this year, not sure what it's called as it was a sub for an ordered variety that was sold out, but love the mauve freckles and stamens - and the fragrance is simply divine
 Biggest stamens EVER.  Matches the fragrance
Pretty petunia puts even the toughest cactus to shame here

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