Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gung Ho Garden

Warning!!  There are a LOT of pictures in this post, and all well worth viewing on a big screen!
The first day of July will probably see all of Western Oregon hitting the 90's plus for the first time this year (except the coast, which A) already hit 90+ this year and B) isn't supposed to get out of the 70's today).  This meant that last night was spent watering the heck out of the entire garden, starting with the veggie garden in the morning and ending with the flower garden in the evening.  It helped that we had over 1/2" of rain last week, but I just wanted to add some insurance.
Still picking (and eating before reaching the house) peas of all sorts, 'Fall Gold' raspberries, blueberries and 'Tristar' strawberries.  Cut the last head of lettuce for now last night for the salad, the rest will bolt with the heat and I will reseed for late summer/early fall crops in a month.
Click on the first pic to start the slideshow and enjoy!
The broccoli and cauliflower bed, packed to the gills, above and below.  I added broccolini this year as well as 'Graffiti' and 'Vernonica' purple and green Romanesco type cauliflower this year

'Graffiti' purple cauliflower.  You think it looks gorgeous, you should try it, and as a matter of fact, I'd encourage you to seek it out and try it fresh.  Milder than white cauliflower, with a sweet, nutty flavor fresh picked - truly amazing

Yarrow for the bees.  The deep pink is the parent plant, the light pink and white a variety that popped up this year in a few places

'Kakai' seed pumpkin, above and below, now with 8 fruits I can see.  The seeds are hull less and will be so much easier to process for roasted pumpkin seeds I can hardly wait!

And those darn flowers just keep on making up new ones as they go.  I know one of the parent plants of this very cute variety was 'Pink Streamer' because I grew a lot of that along with a plain white I bred from a deep purple unnamed variety crossed back to 'Pink Streamer' that has amazing scent.  This one is not only cute as a button but carries that amazing scent as well

We won't lack for fresh blackberries this year, that's for sure

First planting of 'Mirai' corn.  Germination was spotty, thus some much smaller stalks that were replants.  The bigger ones already tasseling

The ranch garden is well known for its summer hollyhock display.  A chance seedling turned out quite pretty

This is what happens when you get lazy and quit picking the flowers off the new 'Tristar' strawberries.  You get, well, strawberries.  They never make it to the house

A garden visitor.  Probably some sort of horrible, evil garden eating moth, but I figure it's pollinating things, I'm leaving it alone

Third planting of corn, this variety is Henry Field's 'That's Delicious!'  New for us this year

First potatoes.  Had them with chicken fried steak and veggies the other night.  No complaints heard

Just a very cute bunch of pansies hanging out in a half barrel

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