Thursday, July 10, 2014

Garden Gone Wild

Five days.  I was gone a measly five days.  During that time, Dale was tasked with, at bare minimum, keeping the garden alive by watering during the scorching heatwave in progress.  Instead, he not only kept the garden alive, he somehow acquired 2 green thumbs, because when I came back, I was stunned!  Things that were little when I left grew to unbelievable heights in those five days.  I couldn't believe this was the same garden I'd left just five days before.  Have I mentioned that I was only gone five days yet?
Wild bergamont, Monarda fistulosa, Wichita Mtn form, from High Country Gardens (  I got this to add to the pollinator patch because, unlike the other monardas I have, it loves the harsh, clay soil, doesn't mildew or require the water the other two do - and it's two years younger than the other two and approximately 5 times the size of them.  It took two years for it to get here, but this season, I knew it was going to be spectacular, and I was right.  The bees adore it, as you can tell further down the line of pictures.  If you want mega loads of pollinators - besides every type of bee around, moths, butterflies and hummingbirds visit - and you want a hardy, low maintenance fragrant shrub with gorgeous lavender flowers by the bushels, you should get this one

Remember back some posts ago I mentioned that this third corn planting of 'That's Delicious!' should see us thru October with fresh sweet corn?  Yeah, maybe not
The pollinator patch, with two varieties of yarrow, gaura, foxglove, lupine and monarda.  Hollyhocks in the background
Close to 4' tall and wide, rarely watered, no mildew, covered in bees of all kinds, monarda rules the pollinator patch right now
I knew the endive was going to bolt with the first hot day, and it did.  But honestly, I'd plant it just for the flowers in the summer!  Again, a major bee magnet and pretty as can be

Monarda with one of the many busy bumblebees catchin' some nectar
The 'Kakai' pumpkin gone completely insane, along with the 'Li'l Sweet' cantaloupe I had just transplanted out before I left.  Pumpkin has crossed into the pea patch, smothered the heirloom rose Don gave me, threatens to overrun the other fence and take out the 'Dark Dragon' rose in the whiskey barrel
Two of the now 11 fruits on the 'Kakai' pumpkin.  These are the size of volleyballs.  And there are more flowers opening daily.  With no end in sight to the current heatwave, it's no wonder this creature is happy happy happy
First planting of 'Mirai' corn, already tasseled and ears already growing.  Guess 'knee high by the Fourth of July' didn't apply here

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