Tuesday, July 1, 2014

3 Shears For Dusty

Not me, but Dusty McCord, sheep shearer extraordinaire.  He finally got enough of a break to get over to Romella's on Saturday and shear her small flock as well as our 3 Navajo-Churro ewes, while his girlfriend did the pedicures.  It poured rain for two days prior as well as Saturday morning, which meant our girls were stuck in the barn for 3 days, but no shearer in their right minds will touch wet, smelly wool with their clippers and I don't blame them.
It was funny how dramatically they changed from big, fat furry blobs with dinky, skinny legs sticking down to fat, naked rats with dinky, skinny legs sticking down.
Oh yeah, we also ended up with a baby Katahdin wether when we went home.  Odd how you can trailer over 3 sheep and come home with 4.  Happens to me a lot.
Don't forget to click on the pix for the slideshow and enjoy!
Pogo, the elder stateswoman and now den mother to Bindi, Bondi, Betty and Boop.  Her fleece was pretty light but the colour was just gorgeous

Dovie, the older of the two ewe lambs.  Man did she have some wool!

And then it was baby Kayla's turn for her second shearing ever.  Mickey C called her a mosher because even without the massive, gorgeous wool coat, that baby is HUGE!
Pogo (darker with little horns), Dovie (hiding behind Kayla) and Kayla the mosher

Pogo's fleece

Kayla's fleece

Dovie's fleece

From left, Pogo (eating as always), Kayla (ditto) and Dovie, making sure the camera isn't coming for her

Love the look on Kayla's face here!

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