Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Yearling Alfie, Father To Be

Its official - Alfie is now a real bull!  And boy, will he EVER let you know that.  Those young heifers of Sharon's next door get an earful of him every time they come down to water.  I'm sure they're quite tired of hearing him brag about himself.

 He just looks so much like his daddy
 The obligatory tongue up the nose shot.  I'm sure he'd be embarrassed that I put this out there for all the ladies to see
 Just plain chunky
 I love his movement, very easy and ground covering, just what you want in a bull
 I know I have pictures of daddy Roar just like this somewhere!
Just like daddy, his temperament is easy going.  I work him with Cricket (Aussie bitch) now and then just because it's good for her, not because he won't move for me without the help of a dog

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