Thursday, June 19, 2014

The New-New Gangsta Girls

Another trip after chicks, this time to Walterville, and Cheryl's fab farm fulla chickens (and other stuff I barely noticed).  She showed off her breeders, all Orpingtons of one sort or another, all extremely well bred, healthy, calm and friendly.  I should also mention big.  As in roosters the size of Hoke.  Hens the size of Sybil.  Any raccoon taking on one of these roos was taking a foolish chance at getting thoroughly schooled in a very bad way.  Even some of the hens had spurs!
She picked out two nice Buffs and a Black and off I went to settle them in at Fort Hen.  They joined the last of the new Gangsta Girls, the big Buff lady now known as Momma Hen, as she took these guys under her wing, more or less, right from the start.
This far into the trail cam experiment, and other than that first night, no sign of the coon, but the strange cat spends a lot of time in the pictures just sitting in front of the coop at night, staring.  If I can catch him, he's not going to be doing that any more.  But mostly, I get about 40 shots of Bad Cat making his rounds
 Notice who is in the crate napping?  The girls have
 Good Cat is a champion napper.  Anytime, anywhere, anyhow
You can see the trail cam, just to the right of the red and white lantern.  The coop is the chainlink just at the left of the frame

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