Thursday, June 19, 2014

The Garden, 2014 Edition

The garden is just humming along these days.  Cool, somewhat damp weather hasn't seemed to slow it down much.  The first planting of 'Mirai' corn didn't germinate as well as it has in years past, but what did is over knee high now and looking good.  The second planting of 'Mirai' and a subsequent planting of 'That's Delicious!' corn are looking great, and should keep us in fresh corn well into October.

I got lazy and didn't get around to buying grafted tomatoes this year, so the two current plants, one 'Brandywine' and one 'Indigo Blueberries' are nice, stocky and well leafed out.  There are 'Persimmon', 'Heinz' and more 'Indigo Blueberries' waiting in the greenhouse to get a little size on them before joining the rest outside on the red plastic sheeting.  One of the two 'Kakai' pumpkins, grown specifically for their hull-less seeds is doing fabulous, already has 3 fruits.  The other is struggling a bit but may take off yet.
This is the third year for the two blueberries, one of which I cannot off hand remember the name of and 'Ka Blooey', and they are LOADED!  I've been pinching a few off here and there for snacks.  I also scored a rare native highbush, 'Rubel' at a garden seminar earlier this spring.  I picked the flowers off of it to let it concentrate on getting established.
'Fall Gold' raspberry - WOW!  It's really come into production this year!  I've given away a bunch of plants and still have more that need to be moved.  The fruit is the best yet from it, and tons of it.
Everything else that was planted is doing great.  The broccoli and cauliflower bed is awe inspiring, and two of the five Brussels sprouts that I had planted that were promptly eaten to the ground came back and are doing pretty darn good.  Unfortunately, that little hot spell we had a few weeks back caused the endive to bolt, so I will replant that later.  The peas are fab and make for great snacks out in the garden; rarely do they make it all the way to the house.  Blackberries are loaded to the max and the bee girls are lovin' that.  All the cukes that I transplanted not only made it but are going great guns.  Most of the asparagus made it, altho it will be a few years before the first harvest.  The new 'Tristar' strawberry plants in the old potato boxes are not being allowed to fruit this season so they can, as with the 'Rubel' blueberry, concentrate on growing good roots.  And speaking of potatoes, yes sir, yes sir, 2 beds full!  About ready to harvest some of the babies to roast on the smoker.
The 'Chocolate Ghost' peppers will be grown in the greenhouse this year.  I already know it just won't get hot enough for long enough to grow them in the ground.
And keeping the bee girls happy, plenty of volunteer hollyhocks and yarrow, as well as the usual pansies, gaura, foxglove, lupine, lavender, sweet peas, monarda and berengia to keep them busy and pollinating the garden

A very cool heirloom snow pea with an unpronounceable name

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