Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Sweet Berry Tartlets

Nothing beats a simple berry tartlet made with 'Fall Gold' raspberries that you just picked moments before.  This recipe was so sinfully easy I don't know why I never attempted it before.  Not like I'm short of berries; between those on the bushes and those in the freezer, I am berry rich

Sinfully easy indeed - a package of Pepperidge Farms pastry cups, a package of cream cheese, several tablespoons of powdered sugar to taste, a dash of lemon rind and a dollop of vanilla extract whipped up in a bowl (not the pastry cups, obviously); a sprinkle of bakers sugar on the berries in a small bowl, fill the baked cups with the cream cheese mixture and top with the berries.  Then give half away to the first pal to come by for a visit as otherwise, you will eat them all yourself, and you shouldn't do that.  Although, the berries are very good for you, so that makes it okay

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