Sunday, June 22, 2014

Summer Scenes

Yes, summer is here.  Up here, that means it's the 're' season.  As in repaint, repair, rebuild, replant, replace.  And after the winter we had, the list is longer than usual.  Plus, we added three big projects for this year, two of which are well underway and one will be started soon.  The front fencing and the driveway gate - still awaiting the custom gate to finish that project.  The electric to the barn and greenhouse installation and repairs to the dairy barn garage and old red barn are also well underway.  The new roof for the dairy barn garage is also in the works and River Roofing should be out in a few weeks to do that job.
The heavy snow took a major toll on the barn gutters on both barns.  Dale finished repairing the silver barn gutters (and also his pipe that he trenched thru last week) and half the red barn, just one more side of the red barn to do but it's a major repair that will take some time.
I've been mowing.  Our yellow glandweed infestation in the north pasture was larger than we thought, but worse still, what we thought was a very minor south pasture infestation turned out to be fairly major as well, so I ended up mowing about  1/3 of the bottom half of the south pasture as well.
Last week Twyla's yearling daughter Ginger surprised us with a baby lamb.  I think it may be a ewe but until we can get the maternity pasture back so I can turn the other sheep out of the working arena, I don't know for sure.  All I know is that she had her baby on her own and that it looks exactly like Twyla's daughter from this year, Betty.  Can't wait to see the little one up close!
The calves are growing like mad.  It's a good grass year and everyone is bursting fat.  So much so they only eat for a few hours a day, and laze around in the shade for the rest of the time.
Enjoy the slideshow and try to see it on a big screen!
 The Boys of Summer, in the south pasture.  Grass is pretty tall this year

 Spud is buried in the grass while Alfie makes his way to the fenceline to see if I have a treat for him

 Can you spot the dog out there?
 How about now?  If you can, that would be Hoke rummaging for rodents in the north pasture before I got it mowed
 Banshee poses with Big Orange.  Hayworth Gap in the background
I know I've said it before - we get the coolest clouds up here

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