Thursday, June 26, 2014

Put a Roof on It!

It was beyond time to do something about the poor, abused roof of the dairy barn garage where Really Big Red and the puttputt reside.  While it was nice as a weather station - we could tell how strong the storm and winds were by how far the shingles flew - the oak limb that crashed thru it during last September's storm was the beginning of the end.  We considered doing it in metal - very popular in the Northwest - but then decided we'd rather it match the garage/shop and the house instead.
Of course, we picked a week where we had very unseasonal rains up here.  Our rainy season ends on Memorial Day and it doesn't usually rain a drop until Halloween, but we got a fair bit thus far this week and seem to be on track to continue into the weekend.  Not only in the middle of the new roof, but the sheep are scheduled to be sheared this week, and no shearer in his or her right mind will shear wet, heavy, smelly sheep.  Our girls have been locked in the barn for 3 days now and Romella's for the past day.  Hopefully we get this done tonite. 
But River Roofing fears no rain.  The crew arrived mid day on Tuesday, stripped the tired old shingles off, removed the stove pipe and patched the hole with a new slab of plywood, and tarpapered the whole thing in less than 3 hours.  Yesterday, just before the rains really got going, the shingles arrived and this morning bright and early, two guys showed up, strapped on their roofing nail guns, and in the rain, shingled the entire roof in just under 2 hours.  Professional, fast and when they left, other than the new roof you'd never know they were ever here.  That's why we use them.
Click on the first pix to see the slideshow of the job

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